Worse Than Dead

by Iron Reagan

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Drop the Gun 01:16
How could you just stand there and not take their side And witness your own people fight How could you just sit there while all this goes on Knowing the side you stand for is so wrong You're just being used as you already know How far can you let this thing go Will you feel betrayed once the crisis is gone And you're standing there with no one You just played the game While your peers look on You should be ashamed You should drop the gun I guess you're just working and doing your job Oppressing those who help your rights But some day that guilt's going to catch up real soon And then it will eat you alive
I'm never going back to sleep Here's the reason why I feel the next time I do I'm surely going to die I really can't tell for sure but I bet it's over there Slightly out of focus floating somewhere in the air It's always going to show up, it's never going to go Does someone have some pointers because I probably need to know I'm never going there's no reason why
Have you any idea what you are Con artist, unbalanced To be predicting the end of days Preaching myths to the masses Oh God, if you do exist Muzzle this harebrained, audacious prick The world will sing Go to hell, Harold Camping! Think for yourself, don't be devoured by his fictitious assumptions He's a dispatcher of fantasy Delivering myths to the masses I know exactly what you are God speaks to me too, from afar Yes, I predict the death of one Harold Camping
Mandating slaughter of public views Dictatorship prevails, rioting ensues Just don't ask questions, censor the news These are all the attributes in the Cycle of violence Our peoples' voices protest our rights Deteriorating promise truth burns in the fight Don't try to stop us, it's in our sights And this just fuels the hate and spite in the Cycle of violence It's a cycle of violence The cycle will never end
What the fuck happened We're barely awake Someone just made a terrible mistake It's our time to exit It better be fast or the repercussions are going to be bad Eyes, piss, tears It's just a shame You might want to call it a day She's scared for life and I want to erase this from my mind For years Burnt in our brains now all we see is Eyes, piss, tears Head for the door Don't look back You should have took cover But who'd expect that It got on the books and everything else The police are coming let's head for the hills A horrible way to being a week When all we just wanted was a place to sleep Eyes, piss, tears It's such a shame They're not going to forget that day We're scared for years Burnt in our brains now all we see is Eyes, piss, tears
They'll all think I'm crazy I'll tell them I got brainwashed They'll just try to help me And forget all this death I caused Like John from Flint A business man I slit his neck and watched his end That's just one example There's plenty more where that's from But I just found a loophole The system's finest outcome
I've known some selfish fucks but your face points its blame An egotistical, know-it-all self-proclaimed Head held high like you're God's gift to man But you're crammed with ridiculous thoughts Simple minded spam Spent too much time defending your halo Burning bridge after bridge is all you know You refuse to believe it, but we're all laughing in your face because your self constructed genius is a joke, a fraud, a fake You're a joke, a fraud, a fake Suck it up, you're a joke, a fraud, a fake
I hear what you're saying but think you're faking Remorse for the violence I need more time to finally be convinced Like rats in a cage Pumped full of drugs then squashed out like bugs The end of an age Just shut your mouth and watch as we're all wiped out Our new mission is Find a reason why we're all dying While their profits keep on multiplying
Patiently waiting day after day For next time you can strike With words as your weapons waging a war For your own meaningless fight You've shown no compassion to things in this world Laughed at the pain others felt You can't wrap your brain around anything real Since you've never lived it yourself We know you're hiding So what's there to laugh at? No one's smiling now Your time is running out When you realize your life's filled with the hate You helped create all yourself The attention you craved has now caused you to rot alone in your own private hell
Paycheck 01:22
Here I sit with wounds and bruised Head's pounding, I'm so confused How did I get signed up for this I'm sure the point is something I have missed Fighting for my life, I remain loyal It makes the blood inside me boil It's getting harder, but I pull through But that's not an excuse They'll have to bring it on, I know that I'm going strong I've been learning from the best, now I'm ready for the test Loyal to the code, it's not my first rodeo Another face to wreck for another motherfucking paycheck
Metal and mean rolling machine, if you see me get the fuck off the scene 3-tone wreck wreaks hell on the street, thunderous danger if ever we meet 9 in the gallon, ten in the tank, no friends on the road Nobody to thank Scars and scrapes, rusted intake, I always get the right of the way Take notes, take heed Rule of the road, you must obey Don't care, don't need This is my way Rubbed in filth on the door of the car Law of the road, open for war Take notes, take heed Rule of the road, you must obey Don't care, don't need This is my way The Murder Mile, all of them, run down A ballet of footwork in a floor full of trash The hood, the doors, crushed and bashed Brake pad screams like the angel of death The beast, the horror, dead black breath This is my way
My arm's broken in two, go to the waiting room (Everything's going to be alright!) And then you'll call my name? Please sit and don't complain (Everything's going to be alright!) It's been two hours man! We'll do the best we can (Everything's going to be alright!) Just help me numb the pain, try and relax, ok? Everything's going to be alright! Going to be alright! You covered or self pay? Not a penny to my name (They're going to bill me for life!) The total that you owe, is that seven zeroes? (They're going to bill me for life!) And here's the interest rate, I'm ruined, fucked, a waste (They're going to bill me for life!) We care about your health, misfortune is their wealth They're going to bill me for life! Bill me for life! I'll never be all right Debt! Collections! Your life is no exception, human needs are compromised Debt! Collections! Affordable health is the deception, pay up front or fucking die
Bodies 01:38
You don't know what's best for their bodies Stop slandering victims, forcing motherhood It's because it's their choice entirely Who are we to brandish the innocent forced to live with this wound Not you, not you Stop! This wound! Not you, not you Stop! I'll never know what's best for their bodies But I don't believe this choice is made by fascist laws You'll never know their hurt so stop trying And you'll never understand the obstacles, the anguish involved Not you, not you Stop! Stop!
Each time that I hear a shrill word out your mouth There's just one thing I'd like to do But I must confess before we move on There's something I must say to you Eat shit! And live, you'll never be the same Or go die! But I feel you're much more fun in pain Eat shit! And live, I'd rather see you squirm So feast now, or soon be food for all the worms I know that my methods are twisted and sick I'm sure you didn't have a clue Of all of these fucked up things that I planned the second I got a hold of you Eat shit! And live, you'll never be the same Or go die! But I feel you're much more fun in pain
Two Examples 01:30
33 dead, must of got up on the wrong side of the bed 23 years old, bought his weapons from home with just one simple click Families cry, "Why did our children die?" Is the killer all to blame? The innocent pay when the USA sends gun reform to the grave In America, why is it so simple? With their agenda, now a devious bastard can carry out his wrath Two examples, two examples, two examples Are you next?! 12 people dead, a lunatic killer with his hair dyed orange red 24 years old, armed head to toe, thanks so much Mr. Heston How many have died, society's blind, is this madman all to blame? Such a disgrace, now they have a place, in the asshole hall of fame In America, why is it so simple? With this agenda, now these devious bastards can carry out their wrath
Mid day Dead end road One mission To dispose The snakes who cross this property That dare to slither in my reach Will have to face the consequence of judge and jury Death sentence He's got the perfect tools for the job For all parties involved Snake chopper Young and bored Entertainment Blood and gore Extermination, self defense A product of my own violence A perfect weapon has evolved To kill all snaked with just one chop He's got the perfect tools for the job For all parties involved Snake chopper
I guess I'll take this lying down Unexpected intruder When no ones around It crawls into my brain and stirs Cold sweat delusions Panic filled illusions Temperature gets hotter Realistic horror Brace yourself This hell of a time Fever dreams will warp your mind I guess i"ll take this lying down No way to defend myself All thoughts are unwound Trapped in my own living hell
Walking Out 01:36
Up since 4, not a thing done Can't get a break of a quarter past one No days off, impatiently wait While all I hear all day is your complaints I'm gonna walk out I've had enough I'm gonna walk out This place is fucked What's going to happen? Will your brain melt? When you have to do all this shit yourself Because soon it's coming and when it starts Your whole worlds going to fall apart I'm gonna walk out I've had enough I'm gonna walk out This place sucks!


released March 20, 2013


all rights reserved



Iron Reagan Richmond, Virginia

IRON REAGAN are no strangers to the art of crossover. Between them they fill, or have filled the ranks of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse and Darkest Hour alike. Now, with their recent signing to metal powerhouse Relapse Records, the hardcore thrash quintet are ready to take their bruising antics to the next level. ... more

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