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The Tyranny of Will

by Iron Reagan

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IRON REAGAN’S Relapse debut ‘The Tyranny Of Will’ is a 24 song wrecking ball of hardcore- punk/thrash fury. Fronted by the venomously lyical Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), on paper IRON REAGAN is a Richmond, VA supergroup (the band also features Phil Hall of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, etc as well as Ryan Parrish of Darkest Hour together with members of Mammoth Grinder). In practice IRON REAGAN are WAY more than just a supergroup project---they have toured the world several times over levelling audiences with their furious live show. This is a fully formed raging band that have delivered one of the heaviest hardcore records of the year that is guaranteed to be on the top of both metalheads’ and punk rockers’ year end lists.


released September 16, 2014

Relapse Records



all rights reserved


Iron Reagan Richmond, Virginia

IRON REAGAN are no strangers to the art of crossover. Between them they fill, or have filled the ranks of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse and Darkest Hour alike. Now, with their recent signing to metal powerhouse Relapse Records, the hardcore thrash quintet are ready to take their bruising antics to the next level. ... more


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Track Name: Tyranny of Will
Hidden agendas
Informing the world of made up facts you use to push your views

With tireless effort
You see nothing wrong to mislead millions to their foreseen doom

This war machine fueled only by lies
Forcing skeptics to run for their lives

With tireless effort, endless ammunition
A cycle of hate with non-stop repetition

I call bullshit on it fucking all
And you should too before its all gone

They’re just lying to steal the world
Track Name: I Won’t Go
Veins getting tighter
Eyes going blinder
It tries to take me but I just won't let go

I won't go

I've been abusing
My wrath consumes me
And in this darkness I will never let go

I won't go
Track Name: Eyeball Gore
I want to see a blade shoved through your face
See strange fluid all over the place
All we want is eyeball gore right now!

I want to see what's under the patch
I want to know what one looks like detached
All we want is eyeball gore right now!

Please please
I’ll take anything
Make me heave in my mouth today
Please please
I’ll take anything

I want to see one stuck on a spike
I want to watch one crushed by a bike
All we want is eyeball gore right now!

Surgically cut one slowly in half
Violently show one getting stabbed
All we want is eyeball gore right now!
Track Name: Close to Toast
You crossed the line in the sand too many times
With no regard for no one but you
So why should I give a fuck
When you push all your luck and burn every bridge you've came to

Keep stepping close keep stepping close
You have no idea how close you’re getting
To something you’d rather not be partaking
If you don't back up soon
It’s going to roll right over you
You’re toast
You better back up fast
Or this round of shit talking may be your last.

He’s close to toast!

You just can’t slide out this time
It’s too late your ass has been warned

He’s close to toast

Nobody’s bailing you out
And this time there’s gonna be war!
Track Name: Bet on Black
It wont take to long
It wont be late
For you to feel
Something you’ll hate

You should have heard your friend’s advice
This final time you roll the dice
My bets on the next thing you’ll see will have to be black
Track Name: Miserable Failure
Sometimes I can’t get up
To face the day
Some folks just wont let up
And keep bothering me

I live by my own rules which may bother some
Just because I’m not like you doesn’t mean that I’m dumb
I’d rather just set a fire and be left alone

I’m a miserable failure
That's what I’m told
Miserable failure
Much too old
Miserable failure
I don't know why
Miserable failure until I die
Track Name: The Living Skull
It’s bad news for all
Everything’s trashed
You can’t escape
When the skull wants to thrash
Look out above
Look out behind
The skull’s throwing anything
That he feels like

He’s lost all control
Who is the living skull?
Track Name: In Greed We Trust
Loaded weapon that you’re holding in your hand is made for killing
There couldn’t be a single other purpose
You’ve pledged an oath so put your money where your mouth is
A specialty that costs
Everyone a lot of money
In greed we trust
Track Name: Glocking Out
I know it's coming, the office talks
That's why today I packed a heavy-duty lunch
Gun to my head, management's dead, I quit.
Track Name: Rat Shit
Out all night searching for the lucky pick
The one to pay for his sins
This won't be his first time

Randomly chosen by this lunatic
Then the real hell begins
For no reason why

A violent attack
Eaten alive by rats

They rip and tear and gnaw right through the bone
You scream but you're all alone
With nowhere to go

Struggling to survive, a frivolous fight
Millions of rats bury you alive
Handcuffed and gagged deep in this sinister pit
Now you've become….

He's the prime suspect on those coppers list
But there's just no evidence
This won't be his last time

It's been too long he won't stop doing this
A deranged killer hell-bent
On turning humans to rat shit
Track Name: U Lock the Bike Cop
U lock that bike cop
Because kick stands suck
U lock that bike cop
This officers fucked

U lock the bike cop
Show him the deal
U lock that bike cop
Cause shit just got real
Track Name: Broken Bottles
Broken bottles in the street
History we won't repeat
Broken Bottles
We're pouring out vodka like spit
We won't get drunk
On your bullshit
Track Name: Bleeding Frenzy
Here they are lined up waiting to consume
A day masked in kindness and giving for you
A day named black gets darker each year
Trampling the weak for the very best deal

The best spot in line
They'll wait in the cold
The doors get dismantled

The hour is now
You must step aside
Or you will get trampled

The gift of punishments all that's dispersed
The weak fall to the side
While hundreds lay hurt
A stampede of bargains, discounting compassion
Each man for himself for the very best cash in

It’s that time of year
I must be the one
Who gives them the most
Step in the way
Of the hunt for deals
And you will be toast
Track Name: Bored to Death
Spend the rest of my life waiting for death
I don't give a fuck either way what's coming next

It can't come fast enough please God take me out
If given the option I would of opted out
I'm already at my end there's no doubt
If given the option I would of opted out

You can't save me
I would of opted out

I won't save me

You must think that I'm sick praying for death
I don't give a fuck I've lived long enough show me what's next
Bored to death!
Track Name: Class Holes
Everyone's lazy that makes way less than you
Abuse the wealth they work to produce
Indignant warfare

Some families fight to feed three out of five
No equal pay with prices on the rise
Can they survive?

Please take a second before you wine and dine to watch the lower class die
Impoverished families all hopes on the decline watch them die

With empty pockets the workforce marches on
Into the depths of class holes and beyond
Indignant warfare
We will survive!

Please take a second before you wine and dine to watch the lower class die
Impoverished families all hopes on the decline watch them die
Track Name: Obsolete Man
Literature is all off limits
Complete liquidation
No God, no religion
Punished by execution

You are condemned as an obsolete man
You have no function
You are condemned as the obsolete man
Meet your destruction
Track Name: Nameless
Brainwash you to wear bombs and to attack

You have to know that no God thanks it's right
To murder helpless people, to end their lives

Brainwash you to wear bombs and to attack
Track Name: Exit the Game
All day long you sit and play
Hoping to block out reality
In that world you are the king
But the truth is more disgusting

Every hour that passes is fixed
On getting passed level six
The worlds hard to endure
So you hide behind closed doors

Exit the game!

The screens glow is your only friend
This real life you can’t comprehend
A sad case, a common condition
As you sit in your own made prison
Eye fixed into a permanent gaze
Trapped in your pity inflicted maze
Track Name: Your Kid's an Asshole
Your kids a dickhole
Track Name: Patriotic Shock
I cast my ballot things will change this time
This vote will really benefit my life

It seems you are about to walk into a patriotic shock
Track Name: Bill of Fights
Bill of fights
The fights we've gotta win
Bill of fights
The walls are closing in

Some time, we gotta make a change
Today, things can't stay the same
Move on from yesterday's mistakes
Ball a fist and do what it takes

We can't let it end this way
The profit from war and poverty
We'll make a list of what we gotta do
Now you know, we're coming for you!

Bill of fights
The fights we've gotta win
Bill of fights
The walls are closing in
Track Name: Consensual Harassment
I got some champagne
You got some some wine
I say we have us a sensual time

I got some candles
You got a rose
Lets annoy all those that turn up their nose

They just can’t handle seductive expression
They may think its gross when we teach them this lesson
I wont cross the line
Let your body be free
Let’s harass the world sensually
Track Name: Just Say Go
Maybe you were brought up a certain way
That makes you not want to fulfill each day
Or perhaps scared of what you’ll find

Just know,
I’m urging you to just let go
You don't need to care at all
You should learn to just say go!

Would you rather sit? Just go do something
It’s easy to complain rather than create
Get off your ass you’re in control
Track Name: Four More Years
I’m not going to apologize
You know that you all deserved it
I never promised to keep promises
There’s only some that are worth it

My advice to you
Is give me a second chance
It takes a while to get started
And all that song and dance

Give me four more years
It’s all I can do
Blood and tears
I’ll give to you
Four more years
It’s all that I need
Cash and fear
To fuel this greed

What I really need now
Is just a little more time?
To make the wrong decisions
To put us years behind

Four more years
It’s all that I need
Cash and fear
To fuel this greed